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These 1:4 scale non-firing, belt-fed replica machine guns models are copies of classic infantry weapons of the 20th century. These unique models of WWI and WWII weapons are constructed of machined metal and are superbly detailed. They feature partially functioning actions and tripod assemblies, just like the originals. Fully assembled with wood grips.
A must for military buffs. A truly unique collector display model.
Most important, no license or permit required!!!

Item : 1:4 scale miniature Maxim 08 machine gunminimaxim08.gif (5158 bytes)
Description :
- caliber 7.92mm machine gun was first developed in 1885. This 1908 German model was also manufactured in China in the 1920's and 1930's. It was the standard heavy machine gun of over twenty armies throughout the world. A TRUE CLASSIC.
- weight 15 lbs.
- size24.5" x 14" x 16" with 11" barrel.

Retail price : USD450.-
plus postage.


Item : 1:4 scale  miniature Browning M1917A1minim1917a1.gif (3549 bytes)
Description :
- caliber .30 water-cooled machine gun. The standard of U.S. Forces in WWI and used extensively in WWII.
- weight 10 lbs.
- size 22" x 13" x 11" with a 10" barrel.

Retail price : USD399.-
plus postage.


Item : 1:4 scale miniature Browning M1919A4minim1919a4.gif (3792 bytes)
Description :
- caliber .30 air-cooled machine gun was the simplified and improved version of the M1917 machine gun as designed by John Browning. It was used as the basic infantry machine gun throughout WWII and the Korean War. A TRUE PIECE OF HISTORY!
- weight 10 lbs.
- size 24" x 12.5" x 8" with 11" barrel.
Retail price : USD399.- plus postage.


Item : 1:4 scale miniature Browning M2HBminim2hb.gif (3507 bytes)
Description :
- this famous caliber .50 American heavy machine gun was developed in 1918 and is still used by many countries today. The M2 is known for its reliability, accuracy and devastating firepower. It was primarily used in ground vehicles and aircraft. It features a metal tripod with traversing mechanism, plus moveable rear sight and cocking handle. The basic heavy machine gun of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, it is still used by many armies and is the standard U.S. weapon in its class today.
- weight 14 lbs.
- size 34.5" x 17.5" x 11" with 17" barrel.

Retail price : USD420.-
plus postage.



Item : Key chain cart58l.jpg (9904 bytes)
Description :
- 5.8mm cal 
- the most recent Chinese Military Rifle Cartridge
Retail price : USD12.-  Postage included.

Item : Type 95 cal. 5.8mm Auto Rifle Lighter lighterl.jpg (10577 bytes)
Description :
- ratio 1: 2.5
- new model produced by China, first introduced in 1989 and adopted by the Chinese Defense Minister in 1995.
- this model is the standard equipment for the Hong Kong garrison force
since July 1st, 1997.
Retail price : USD20.- plus postage  


More items are coming.

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